Carmageddon: Unofficial Frequently Asked Questions
Version 0.01
By Vince Yim (

This FAQ was written for general information about SCI/Interplay’s fine game, Carmageddon.  This information is FREE, but copyrighted.  Feel free to distribute it, provided that it remains intact and NO ONE MAKES ANY MONEY OFF IT.  Several gaming magazines (hello, EGM!) have reprinted the information in FAQs verbatim without permission of the original authors.  Don’t be like them!

I hold no responsibility for any illegal activity done as a result of the information contained here.  Carmageddon is fun, but I do not advocate the gratuitous violence in real life on any level.

This document is not supported or endorsed by SCI or Interplay and is not related to the other FAQ written for

Contents: |

0.1 Introduction

1.0 Various game questions/overview.

1.1 Why do so many versions of Carmageddon exist?
1.2 What’s this I hear about Carmageddon being banned?
1.3 Who am I up against?
1.4 What advantages do I have over the computer?
1.5 How does scoring work?

2.0 Gameplay questions

2.1 What kinds of power-ups exist?
2.2 What kind of bonuses can I get?
2.3 How do I steal cars?

3.0 Hints and tricks

3.1 What cheat codes exist for Carmageddon?
3.2 Game play strategies
     3.2.1 Destroying Cars
     3.2.2 Destroying Cops
     3.2.3 Killing Pedestrians
     3.2.4 Car control
     3.2.5 Fun with Landmines

4.0 Technical information

4.1 How do I run Carmageddon without the CD?
4.2 How do I run Carmageddon through a KALI network?
4.3 How do I get the 3DFX patch to work?
4.4 Why is the game so SLOW?
4.5 What other platforms is Carmageddon available for?
4.6 Exactly what are the characters saying?

5.0 Miscellaneous stuff.

5.1 What are the Carmageddon sites on the web?
5.2 What official programs for Carmageddon exist?
5.3 What third party programs exist for Carmageddon?
5.4 The Carmageddon wishlist!
5.5 Hopes for future FAQs

6.0 Acknowledgements

0.1   Introduction |

Out of dissatisfaction with the official list of frequently asked questions (that, and out of a sudden amount of free time), I have taken it upon myself to put out my own version.  Of course, I have nothing against the fine folks at Interplay and SCI.  I’m sure they have much, much better things to do with your time (ie: putting out Carmageddon 2) than putting out FAQs.  That’s why I love the ‘net.

I’m mostly doing this because, 1: I need to brush up on my technical writing skills, 2: I really dig Carmageddon, and 3: I have too much spare time.

1.0   Various game questions |

1.1   Why do so many versions of Carmageddon exist?

Ah, the fun part.  In case it hasn’t been made clear, Carmageddon is a literal blood bath.  Surely enough, there have been games that allow you to destroy other cars and kill pedestrians, but never before have they been shown in such graphic detail.  Some countries are a bit more sensitive when it comes to this kind of thing, so Carmageddon comes in four flavours.

1: The version distributed by Interplay and available in North America.  All the blood is red and all the pedestrians scream before they get run over.
2: This one has blood and screaming pedestrians, but it’s distributed by Stainless Steel software from overseas.  The packaging is also different (features a picture of Max Damage instead of the picture of that guy getting mowed down).
3: The zombie version.  The blood is green and the introductory video is different.  This is the most common version available overseas.
4: The robot version.  Instead of zombies or pedestrians, you get robots that make really weird noises.  North American blood versions can also choose this mode.

If you have a zombie or robot version, you can easily apply a patch that changes all of the victims to red-blooded pedestrians.  See section 4.2 for programs that allow you to do this.

1.2   What’s this I hear about Carmageddon being banned?

Not banned, although certain stores refuse to carry it due to the game’s content.  I’ve had at least one salesperson tell me that the West Coast Canadian government decided to pull it from the shelves due to pressure from the local car insurance company, ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia), but so far, this is false.  Wal-Mart doesn’t carry this (but then, when you consider all of the other things they refused to carry), as A&B Sound (they did at one point in time, but eventually pulled it off).

Some countries have banned Carmageddon due to its content, although tamed down versions are available in those games.
1.3   Who am I up against?

First, here are a few notes about the cars.  The durability of the car is usually determined by the weight.  As a rule of thumb, the bigger and heavier a car is, the more damage it can dish out and take, but they’re usually slower.  But then, that isn’t always the case.

Format is as follows:

Name of racer: Name of car (real life car that it is based on)
Top speed/curb weight/0-60mph (acceleration)
-Some comments about the vehicle.

Asterisks (*) denote cars and drivers only in the Carmageddon Splat Pack.
Pound (#) denotes cars only in Carmageddon.

#Agent Orange: Leadpumper / *Sinthea: The Sled
150mph/1.7 tons/7.6 seconds
 -These cars are pretty similar (same stats, same color scheme).

*Ashteroid: F999 (Ferarri)
270mph/1.1 tons/2.1 seconds

#Auto Scum: Roadbrat
220mph/0.6 tons/3.6 seconds
 -This car comes in two different flavors and they both suck.  Although they’re really fast, they’re too lightweight to deal any real damage.

*Big Daddy: Ram Raider
100mph/1.9 tons/8.9 seconds

*Su Borg: Doozer
120mph/1.9 tons/4.9 seconds
 -Yes, it is as tough as it looks, especially in the earlier levels.  It can also be stolen.

*Carkey and Clutch: Stodge Barger (Dodge Charger)
180mph/1.7 tons/4.4 seconds
 -Hah!  Anybody remember watching these guys on TV?  This car can be stolen.

Cops: Squad Car
Kinda fast/pretty heavy/unknown acceleration rate
 -These guys come in packs and are relatively difficult to destroy.  Harder to destroy than most cars, they usually have to be destroyed with special
power-ups and head-on collisions...or a lot of patience.  Destroying this vehicle nets you 24500 credits.

Cops Special Forces: Supressor (hell on 6 wheels)
Really fast/really big/really hard to destroy
 -This vehicle is only available during the Carmageddon map, “Blood on the Rooftops”.  It is heavily armored and very tough to destroy.  If you can get a hold of this vehicle, the game becomes much, much easier.  But then, you have to destroy it first.  And then, you also have to be able to steal it in the first place.  It also shows up on the second-last level on Splat Pack.

Don Dumpster: The Plough (it’s tractor or something like that)
100mph/2.6 tons/14.8 seconds
 -This vehicle can be stolen in both Carmageddon and Splat Pack.  Unfortunately, both versions are a pain to use.  In original Carmageddon, the car tends to be difficult to handle, in that it does pop-wheelies and flips over a lot (you hit your recover key a lot).  In Splat Pack, it’s really, really, slow and unresponsive.  But, Splat Pack’s version is easier to use.

#Ed Hunter: Heavy Impaler (Chevy Impala)
160mph/2.3 tons/9.6 seconds

Ed 101: Tashita Coupe
280mph/0.9 tons/4.2 seconds
 -This is the easiest cars to steal, but isn’t worth using.  It doesn’t have enough weight to cause any appreciable damage against other cars, but is one of the faster cars on the circuit.

#Heinz Faust: King Merc (Mercedes on tank treads)
160mph/3.0 tons/7.6 seconds
 -This is one of the toughest cars on the circuit to beat.  The only hits that put so much as a scratch on it are head-on collisions.  Cannot be stolen normally, so if he challenges you, take it.

#Firestorm: Tanka (those Tonka trucks you had when you were a kid)
100mph/2.1 tons/8.9 seconds

The Brothers Grim: Stiffshifter
230mph/1.2 tons/4.2 seconds

#Hammerhead: Project X
210mph/2.0 tons/6.6 seconds

#Halfwit Harry: Lumberer /Burly Shirley: Pink Pulverizer (resembles a Hummer)
170mph/1.9 tons/9.4 seconds (Shirley’s is at 9.9)
 -These two vehicles are practically identical, save for color scheme and minute difference in acceleration rate.  Both are tough vehicles that are easiest destroyed while in motion.

#Val Hella: Cleaver
220mph/1.3 tons/4.2 seconds

Ivan the Bastard: The Bear
150mph/1.4 tons/9.4 seconds
 -This car can be stolen and is a big improvement over ED 101’s Tashita Coupe and Vlad’s.  However, that isn’t saying much.  This car is slow and handling is a pain.  All in all, you’re better off with the Red Eagle or Yellow Hawk.

Otis P. Jivefunk: Caddy Fat Cat (Cadillac)
180mph/1.8 tons/7.7 seconds
 -This car can be stolen, and is really, really effective later in the game.

*Mike O. Kane: Killer Coop (an Austin Mini, a.k.a. the Mr. Bean car)
100mph/0.7 tons/7.2 seconds
 -One look at this car and you’ll wonder why they bothered using the term “killer” for this piece of crap.  It’s just fun to push around, that’s it.

#Kutter: Countslash (obviously, a Lamborghini Countach)
280mph/1.1 tons/4.1 seconds

*Pussy La Gore: Killer Kitty
220mph/1.2 tons/5.7 seconds

*Lady Bug: Bugutti
170mph/1.5 tons/4.5 seconds

Screwie Lewie: The Twister
220 mph/1.7 tons/6.4 seconds
 -This car can be stolen through normal means.  The handling absolutely blows on this car.  It deals a bit more damage, but not by much.

#Wanda Lust: Cullwing
210mph/1.1 tons/6.7 seconds

Mech Maniac: Grunge Buster
220mph/0.4 tons/3.3 seconds
 -This car is really fast, although it can be pushed around like it was nothing.  This car can be stolen, but don’t bother using it.

*Metal Mikey: De Gory’un (DeLorean, aka the Back to the Future car)
150mph/1.6 tons/6.5 seconds

*Herman Monster: Monster Masher (Your standard Big Foot style monster truck)
130mph/2.9 tons/5.9 seconds
 -Next to the Supressor, it’s one of the biggest cars on the circuit, but it’s not so tough (well, once you have level 4 armor, power, and offence, that is).  Just remember to hit it head on.  It can also be stolen.

*Moon Child: Piece Maker
100mph/0.6 tons/7.6 seconds
 -As expected, this car is just like the so-called “Killer Coop”.  It’s too slow and lightweight to deal any appreciable amount of damage.

*Mother Trucker: Rig O’Mortis
160mph/5.0 tons/7.6 seconds
 -Look at the weight on this baby and tell me you don’t want to steal this car (yes, it can be stolen using normal means, but destroying it is hard enough!).  One hit at full speed will destroy most vehicles.

Psycho Pitbull: The Towmeister
160mph/2.0 tons/9.1 seconds
 -The acceleration on this vehicle could be better, but it can be stolen.  This vehicle can actually be put to good use.  Handling is just as good as the Red Eagle, and when you do a high enough rank to steal this vehicle, you most likely have enough engine power to make this a fast vehicle.  This vehicle is much more practical than Don Dumpster’s Plough, because it’s smaller and easier to control.

*Doctor Sawbones: Bloodmobile (blood covered ambulance)
100mph/2.0 tons/9.6 seconds

#Madam Scarlett: Feararri F666 (Ferarri Testarossa)
270mph/1.1 tons/4.1 seconds

*Helga Shwein: Roadhog
130mph/3.0 tons/3.9 seconds

*Alfonzo Spaghetti: Stilleto
170mph/1.3 tons/5.5 seconds

Stella Stunna: Electric Blue (Rothman’s sponsored Porsche Indy car)
230mph/1.0 tons/4.5 seconds
 -One of the deadliest cars on the circuit, as it comes with a built in Electro Bastard Pedestrian Ray (see sec 2.1).  If she challenges you, DO IT.  This is one of the best cars for racking up credits, although it is harder to kill cars with it.  One problem, though, that it has trouble getting onto sidewalks.  One side note: if you grab the EBPR during the game, the power-up will wear off and you will lose the EBPR until you change cars.

#Stig O’ Sore: Volkswerker (VW Beetle)
150mph/1.0 tons/11.6 seconds
 -This car sucks.  ‘Nuff said.

*Stig O’ Sore: Carrerasaur (VW Carrera)
180mph/1.3 tons/3.6 seconds
 -A big improvement over his car in Carmageddon, and it is about as good as the Red Eagle II (although I still prefer the Red Eagle II).  There are still much, much better cars out there.  This car can be stolen.

#OK Stimpson: Fraud Broko (Ford Bronco, only it’s blue instead of white)
170mph/1.9 tons/8.9 seconds
 -Look familiar?  Hah!  Rather heavy vehicle, so it can’t be destroyed while it’s down.

Vlad: #Annihilator/ *Annihilator II (Camaro Trans-Am Drag Racer)
420mph/1.0 tons/2.2 seconds
 -This is one of the first vehicles that you are able to steal.  Although it is the fastest car on the circuit, road-handling absolutely sucks.  The car has a tendency to flip over at inopportune moments.  Some people may have a use for it, but I don’t feel that it’s worth the trouble.  The second one is only a redesign.  Doesn’t do much more.  However, it’s length makes it ideal for pulping peds (please see section 3.2.3)

1.4   What advantages do I have over the computer?

Easy.  The computer-controlled cars can’t repair themselves, recover, or use power-ups to their advantage.  If a computer controlled car just decides to drive itself off a cliff just for the hell of it (it does this often, especially in Splat Pack), it will simply show up in a random location on the map.  If you happen to be the one who pushes it off, it’ll be gone.

Interestingly enough, if all of the cars are piled off in some pit where they’re all being ganged up upon by a group of squad cars and a Supressor, they will get transported to another location on the map, probably near to your location.

As well, in order for pedestrians to die, you must be within hearing distance to hear the gut-wrenching scream and splat.  Hence, Stella Stunner and her Electric Blue (which comes with a built in Electro-Bastard Pedestrian Ray, see sec 2.1) is on the track, she doesn’t kill all of the pedestrians.

1.5   How does scoring work?

Giles Copnell <> on had this to say:

>I think (just watch me get shot down in flames) that the ranks points are
>calculated as follows:
>Easy    1 point per whole 10,000 credits earned
>Normal  1 point per whole 20,000 credits earned
>Hard    1 point per whole 40,000 credits earned
>Credits earned is NOT the amount of profit you made, but the amount gained
>(it includes money spent on recovery/repairs).

This seems to make sense, though.  I’ll check up on this when I get a chance.

2.0   Various Gameplay Questions |

2.1   What power-ups exist?

The power-ups you pick up come in five flavors: red, yellow, green, silver and black.  The colour is a reflection on the chance of getting something really cool or lousy.  Hence, if it’s a green barrel, the most you’re likely to get is a time or credit bonus, but you won’t pick up anything harmful or really useful.  If it’s a red barrel, you have a chance of snagging something really useful (Pedestrian Electro Bastard Ray) or something really annoying (Bouncy, Bouncy).  Black power-ups (the ones that look like a stack of tires) are pre-set, but don’t fall under the color scheme (hence, it’s kinda random).  Silver power-ups usually contain Underwater Ability, especially if you’re close to water.

I’ll divide it between useful, harmful, and just plain fun.  The asterisks (*) denotes power ups that are only available in the Carmageddon Splat Pack.

Time bonus: The most common of power-ups in the game.

Turbo!/Mega-turbo!: Self-explanatory, they allow you to drive faster.

Pedestrians glued to the ground!/Blind Pedestrians!: These both are rather similar, although PGTTG is more efficient.  Blind Pedestrians will start running when you sound the horn, though, which sometimes allows them to stray directly in front of your car.

Giant Pedestrians: This is funny as hell when it happens.  It’s also useful, as the pedestrians are much easier to see and seem to move a bit slower.

Hot Rod: When you get this, find a straightaway and FLOOR IT.  Acceleration and top speed are incredibly high, although handling becomes more difficult.

Invulnerability: Self-explanatory.  You don’t take damage from other cars or from hitting buildings.

Free repairs/Instant Repairs: Self-explanatory.  Instant gives you full repair on the spot, Free gives you continuous repairs until the timer runs out.

5 Free recovery vouchers: Recovery in case you fall on your roof or fall off the edge of the map can really add up (usually 2000 credits per recovery).  These are free, but you can have more than five at a given time.

Timer frozen!  Timer thaw!:  This is one of the rarest power-ups in the game.  I managed to pick one up in the entire time I’ve been playing Carmageddon (it’s on the second last map on Splat Pack).  However, when you’ve killed 300-400 pedestrians (as you easily can in the Splat Pack), you’ve racked up well over 40 minutes, so this becomes obsolete.

Underwater ability: Occasionally, you will find yourself in underground sewers and the like.  Handling becomes difficult.  With this power-up, it’s just like your driving on ordinary ground.

Frozen opponents/frozen cops: Self-explanatory.  Hit them while they’re down, although you find that you’ll most likely inflict more damage on them when they’re moving.

Wall Climber: There aren’t many opportunities to use this, but when the time comes that you have to scale the wall, one of these will be nearby.

Pedestrians shown on map: Self-explanatory, although this one stays with you until you finish the race.  You’ll find this one a bit more often when playing the Splat Pack.

Pedestrian Electro-bastard Ray: This one is a lot of fun.  When you get this one, try to find a heavily populated area and FLOOR IT.  Any pedestrians in the immediate vicinity will be killed and added to your body count.

Instant handbreak: You come to an instantaneous stop when you use the handbreak, regardless of what surface you are on.  Even if you are in the air and think you are going to land on your roof, you can hold yourself in position until you are back on your wheels.

Pedestrian Respawn: Self-explanatory.  However, the kill-o-meter remains constant.  That means you don’t have to kill every pedestrian on the map, you only have to reach the maximum kill-count.

Acme Damage Magnifier: Self-explanatory.  Only works against other vehicles, though.  Does not work on buildings, trees, lampposts, etc.

Solid Granite Car: Not only can you inflict more damage against other vehicles, you can also mow down trees, lampposts, and the like.

* Turbo Nutter Bastard Nitrous: Has the same effect as the Hot Rod, but handling is a bit easier.

* Mollusk Pedestrians: They move really slow and are that much easier to mow down.


Oh, dear, bodywork trashed: Does not affect the car’s performance, but it does cost money to repair.  On certain cars, the cockpit view will be obstructed, though.

Turbo opponents/turbo cops/turbo pedestrians: Self-explanatory.  Cops hunt you with a vengeance, opponents hunt you with a vengeance, and pedestrians are harder to run over.

Lunar Gravity/Gravity from Jupiter: Not necessarily harmful, but annoying as hell.  With Lunar Gravity, damage against you is somewhat reduced, but so is the damage you inflict on other cars.  You also take less damage from falls, and hills are a bit easier to climb.  With Gravity from Jupiter, you are slowed down, but you can inflict a bit more damage on other vehicles and you stop much faster.  But you also take more damage from falls and hills are harder to climb.

Pinball mode: When you have this, drive much slower.  Every time you hit something, you bounce off it.  If you get caught between the ground and an overpass (or ceiling), you will take a lot of damage.  However, this also applies to other cars.

Bouncy Bouncy: Very, very annoying.  Although you do get more bonuses for killing pedestrians (see section 2.2), you have very little control over the vehicle.

Oh, dear, jelly suspension: The car becomes difficult to control and bounces all over the place.  To avoid getting motion sickness, switch to the external view.  Especially annoying when combined with Bouncy, Bouncy.

Greased Tyres: Very difficult to maneuver when you have this.

Rock Springs/Grip-o-matic tyres: Both of these don’t do that much, but tend to affect the road handling, but most of the time you won’t notice it.

*Miniature Pedestrians: Giant Pedestrians, but works in the opposite way.  It’s really funny, though, ‘cuz they make cute little squeak sounds before and while you run them over.  They become hard to see, though, which is why the power-up is under here.


Drugs!!!: For a few seconds, the screen becomes really garbled and the colors start flashing.  Otherwise doesn’t do much.

Explosive Pedestrians: Every pedestrian you hit bursts in a gross mess of blood and guts, giving you an automatic Splatter bonus (see section 2.2) no matter how fast you hit them.

Pedestrians from Hades: I have no idea what this does.  Apparently, I’m not alone.  If anyone can fill this space, please do so!

Pedestrian Harvest: Every pedestrian you hit gets attached to the fender of your car for as long as you have the power-up.  Doesn’t do much, but you pile on the Pile-driver bonuses (see section 2.2).

Vesuvian corpses: Doesn’t do much, although the corpses start spurting more blood and making more gross sounds for about two minutes.

2.2   What kind of bonuses can I get?

Every pedestrian you kill nets you 8 seconds of bonus time and at least 100 credits.  Depending on how inventive you are in slaughtering them, you get rewarded more credits (you still only get 8 seconds per pedestrian).  Trying to figure out exact numbers for pulping pedestrians was difficult because the computer usually adds up the numbers.

They are as follows:
Name of bonus:  Action you perform to get the bonus:
Combo bonus: Self-explanatory.  Maximum combo: 5.  Number of credits increases on a curve with each pedestrian slaughtered.
“Nice Shot, Sir.” If you hit a movable object (pylon, signal light, parked car, etc.) and it goes off and kills a pedestrian.  400-1600 credits.
Splatter Bonus:  If you hit them at high speeds and cause a big mess.  200-800 credits. 
Artistic Statement Bonus:  To get this one, you gotta be really inventive in how you pulp the peds.  For example, if you come down from a jump and a pedestrian gets crushed when you land, you get the bonus.  400-1600 credits.
Pile Driver Bonus:  If you hit a pedestrian and slam them into something (ie: lamppost, building wall, etc.).  You get an extra 50% of what you’d normally get (ie: score an extra 100 credits for pulping a ped for 200 credits).
Extra Style Bonus:  This occurs when you hit them while in reverse gear or you slide sideways into them.  200-800 credits.

Bonuses from collisions:
Head on-Bonus:  Self-explanatory.  Getting into a head-on bonus guarantees that you inflict the most damage on a car without using any power-ups.  The bonus points and time you get depend on how much damage you inflict. 
Extra Style Bonus:  Again, if you hit the cars in inventive ways.  Bonus depends on how much damage you inflict. 

Miscellaneous bonuses:
Checkpoint:  No time bonus, but you get 500 credits. 
Cunning Stunt Bonus:  If you do something absolutely crazy, like flip in the air, and somehow manage to land on your wheels, you get 1000 credits.  If you do a 360 in the air (or more), you also get the bonus (regardless if you land on your wheels).  No time bonus, though. 


2.3   How do I steal cars?

There are two ways of doing this.

The most common one simply involves destroying the car.  To do this, your rank must be at 75 or better, and even still, you have a small list of cars that are available to be stolen.  To make it even harder, there is about a 1/5 chance that you will be able to successfully steal the car.

In Carmageddon, the cars that can be stolen (in order) are: ED 101’s Tashita Coupe, Vlad’s Annihilator, Ivan the Bastards’ Bear, Mech Maniac’s Grungebuster, Otis P. Jivefunk’s Cadddy Fat Cat, Screwie Lewie’s Twister, Pitbull’s Towmeister, and Don Dumpster’s Plough.  Remember that you cannot steal all of these cars at once.  As you move into later levels, then you will be able to steal the other cars.  If you are successful, the message “Car added to change car list” will flash across the screen, and you’ll see the car ascend into automotive heaven if you turn around and look (yes, they actually do float away).

Also, on the track “Blood on the Rooftops”, one of the challenges is to steal The Repressor, a 6-wheeled bad ass cop car.  This vehicle is very heavy, very fast, and very difficult to destroy.  You need at least Don Dumpster’s Plough in order to put so much as a dent into this vehicle, or an Acme Damage Magnifier/Solid Granite Car.

In Splat Pack, all the cars from Carmageddon that could be stolen can be stolen in Splat Pack.  The new cars you can steal are Stig’s Carrerasaurus, C&C’s Stodge Barger, Mother’s Rig O’ Mortis, Su-Borg’s Doozer, and Herman’s Monster Masher.

The other way to steal the car is if you are challenged.  On occasion, a computer-controlled car will challenge you for the first spot.  They’ll be out to get you.  However, if you finish the race ahead of the challenger (complete all the laps) WITHOUT destroying the challenger’s vehicle, the vehicle will be available for you in the next race.  Unfortunately, I have had limited success in this area.

3.0   Hints and tricks |

3.1   What cheat codes exist for Carmageddon?

Most people are familiar with the so-called ENABLE cheat, where one types the word ENABLE during one of the preparation screens, although this only works with the pre-release Beta versions of Carmageddon.  Performing one of these cheats is the equivalent of grabbing a power up, so it won’t do anything like supply you with all the cars (you need the cheat patch for that).  You need to finish the game or download a patch to do that.

But, here are the cheats for the ENABLE version:

SPAMFORREST   Instant Handbrake
BIG BOTTOM   Bodywork Trashed
GOOGLEPLEX    Under Water Ability
GIVEMELARD   Mega Bonus (loadsa Money)
SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAM  Pedestrians Glued to Ground
SMALLUDDERS   Giant pedestrians
SUPERHOOPS    Explosive pedestrians
IGLOOFUN   Hot rod
FUNNYJAM   Turbo Pedestrians
IHAVESOMESPAM  Gravity has Gone Strange
BUYOURNEXTGAME  Oh dear, Jelly Suspension
ILOVENOBBY   Pedestrians Shown on Map
RUSSFORMARIO  Pedestrian Electro-Bastard Ray
HAMSTERSEX   Blind Pedestrians
NAUGHTYTORTY  Pedestrian Respawn
BOYSFROMTHEBUSH  Grip-o-matic Tires
TRAMSARESUPER  Pedestrian Harvest
ISLANDRULES   Vesuvian Corpses
RABBITDREAMER  Gravity from Jupiter

Type in 'JOYRIDER' at the network race-type selection screen and you'll get access to all cars for network play. You'll need to select 'all' cars in the options screen to use them. This works with manual or random car selection.

S Page
>The cheats like ILOVENOBBY are unrelated to the ENABLE cheat, they work in
>the retail games though ENABLE doesn't.  For people who have problems
>entering the cheat codes:  you don't need to enter them in capitals; enter
>them during the game one keypress at a time, cleanly pressing and releasing
>each key in turn.

3.2   Game play strategies

3.2.1 Destroying Cars

If the opposition is too tough, take the easy route.  Push them off the edge of the map.  One slight drawback, though.  You get no points for doing so.

In most cases, don’t bother to wimp out and hit them when they’re down (ie: flipped over with their wheels in the air).  This only works on vehicles that weigh 1 ton or less.  If you grab a frozen opponents power-up, only go for the smaller vehicles.

Slamming vehicles in to walls is also effective, although not against heavy vehicles.

For best results, hit them head-on.  Despite the fact that real-life head-on collisions are usually fatal for both parties, you will take negligible amounts of damage for doing so, no matter how large the vehicle is.  Some vehicles require a few more hits than others do, though.

3.2.2 Destroying Cops

Cops are much more difficult to destroy than regular vehicles, especially in the earlier levels.  They have a tendency to gang up on you and cause lots of damage to your car.  Chances are that you are going to have your finger hovering on the repair button.

Unless you have a heavier vehicle, simply ramming into them will cause negligible amounts of damage.  Even with Psycho Pitbull’s Towmeister, you have to gain a lot of speed to hit a stationary cop car.  One situation involved the Towmeister with full armor, power, and offence, and a cop car trapped on a concrete barrier.  It took well over 15 minutes to destroy the cop car, after repeated backing up and full-speed ramming (if it took that long, you can imagine how many times I had to hit it).

3.2.3 Killing Pedestrians

S Page had this to say:
>Go sideways into groups of pedestrians to clean out more of them at once for
>combo bonuses.  Your car is longer than it is wider.  This is one of the few
>good features of Vlad's dragster -- if you can drift sideways into a group,
>you can get a lot even as they scatter.

As mentioned before, pedestrians don’t die unless you are there to witness it, although that doesn’t mean that the computer can’t kill pedestrians.  If you see a huge patch of pedestrians that you want to take out and see an opponent vehicle headed towards it, hit the minus key (-).  When it is clear, restore the pedestrians (hit minus key again) and mow away.

“Nice Shot, Sir.”
 -Heavier objects that can be moved (parked cars, tables) give you more accuracy in terms of hitting pedestrians.  These objects are large enough that they can’t get knocked over, hence they can be pushed to wherever you want.  Objects that can be knocked over (statues, chairs, and road barriers) are pretty much single use and are most accurate when they are still standing.
 -Remember, even though an opponent’s car is destroyed, if push it into a pedestrian you don’t get credit for it.

Horn Use
 -Apart from making a lot of noise, it has practical applications, namely frightening pedestrians.  The use is twofold:
 -If they are standing over an edge and facing away, using the horn will scare them and make them jump off.  Unfortunately, you don’t get any points for it.  However, if it’s a really tall structure and you don’t hear the pedestrian go SPLAT, it won’t be added to the kill-o-meter.
 -The “deer-in-the-headlights” effect: Pedestrians sometimes freeze in their tracks when you activate the horn, making them easier to run over.  More often than not, though, they tend to scatter.  Do whatever works for you.

The Checkered Flag Waver Guy
 -Suspiciously absent from the Splat Pack, this guy is the most valuable pedestrian in the game (killing him gets you at least 1000 points).  If you complete one lap of the map, killing him gets you at least 2000 points.  You can get more if you can get a bonus while killing him.

3.2.4 Car control
 -Although driving in reverse gear is useful for racking up more pedestrian murder points (Extra Style bonus), handling is very difficult (much more difficult than real life...but it could be because we drive much slower in real life).  A touch of any of the left/right directional keys when in full reverse will turn you around 180 degrees.

 -Hand-break U-Turns are much easier when you are driving slower (but who wants to do that?).  To do one, simply hit the hand break while turning left or right, then turning back in the opposite direction.  If you are going at maximum, you usually just spin around.

 -Despite how outlandish the physics can get in this game, turning the wheel into the skid actually works.
 -Wheel-spin: default key ‘z’ allows you to do tighter turns and doughnuts.  However, I have yet to find a practical use for this.

However, Supressor had this to say:
>I set the erm.. car (Suppressor) up sideways using wheelspin. Go really
>fast, then wheelspin and turn, you get sideways quicker. Then handbrake &
>correct. Wheelspin is also helpful for cars that go slower with a turbo
>powerup (Or others). Wheelspinning on & off picks up speed, and you can use
>the powerup effectively. Just hold the wheel straight. (Chris Bly)

>It works pretty good for peelouts also.  Just hold the hand brake &
>wheelspin, then let go of the brake and light em up

3.2.5 Fun with Landmines

Push the other vehicles into them (if they are wasted in the progress, you don’t get points for it).  If there aren’t any vehicles around, objects like parked cars are useful for clearing out minefields.  In most cases, it isn’t practical to sit in a minefield and wait.  True enough, computer controlled vehicles have a tendency to follow you around, but time is of the essence.

3.2.6 Using damaging power-ups to your advantage.

The only one that I found practical use for was Pinball Mode.  Not only does your car bounce around a lot (hit your recover key to stop it.  You set yourself back 2000 credits, but you save a lot of credits in repair bills), the other vehicles bounce around too.  Try to get an opponent vehicle pushed off a building or an overhang.  The damage will add up while the vehicle is bouncing off the walls.  Note: moveable objects (pylons, barriers, etc.) will also start bouncing around.

S Page <>
>You caution against pinball mode, but it's great if you have free repairs or
>invulnerability, as you can get huge cunning stunt bonuses if you fly off a
>building or ramp.

(Ed’s note: Recovery vouchers will also help, as you have a tendency to fall off the edge of the map this way).

4.0   Technical information |

4.1   How do I run Carmageddon without the CD?

There are legitimate reasons why one would want to do this (and not just to pirate the game.  If you have a pirated copy, shame on you.  Go out and buy your own, dammit), such as to listen to Prodigy or Nine Inch Nails instead of the music that comes on the CD.  So, how do you do this?  Simple.  Get the CD crack.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen one around.

4.2   How do I run Carmageddon through a KALI network?

For the unaware, KALI is an emulator program that allows you to fake a LAN (Local Area Network) over the Internet.  Using this you can play someone across the globe.  Unfortunately, Windows ’95 support absolutely sucks.

There is a special version of KALI customized especially for use with Carmageddon.  See section 5.3 for more info.

4.3   How do I get the 3DFX patch to work?

I’m actually waiting for the Voodoo II chipset to come out, so I don’t actually have a 3Dfx card right now.  However, I do understand that there have been several problems with getting the 3Dfx card to work properly.  It’s most likely that these are due to hardware/software/driver conflicts that are so common when dealing with really complex software packages.  But then, I’ve been wrong in the past.  For best results, get the official patch that comes with Splat Pack and install EVERYTHING from scratch.

If you have another 3D card (ATI 3D Rage, Matrox 3D, Rendition, Diamond Stealth 3D, etc.), it’s not supported.  The card MUST have the Voodoo Rush/3DFX (I’m not 100% on the terminology, so please bear with me).  chipset.  Examples of these are Diamond Monster 3D, Canopus Pure 3D, Hercules Stingray 3D, and Intense 3D.

4.4   Why is the game so SLOW?

This is a common complaint among players.  Even with a 200MMX Pentium, the game is very, very sluggish on high-resolution play.  Even if you do have a 3D graphics card, Carmageddon is only programmed to work with the Voodoo Rush chipset (a.k.a. 3Dfx).  To circumvent this, you have four options.  #1: Play it in 320X200 resolution (ugh). #2: Minimize all details, which makes the game a pain to play (double ugh). #3: Go out and plunk down $200+ for a 3Dfx/VooDoo Rush graphics card and apply the 3Dfx patch. #4: Wait for Carmageddon 2 to come out and hope that they improved the 3D engine.

4.5   What other platforms is Carmageddon available for?

Currently, Carmageddon is available for both PC and Mac.  It will be available for Sony Playstation in Summer ’98.

4.6   Exactly what are the pedestrians saying?

The old lady says “I was in the war”, while the priests (only available in the Splat Pack) say “Holy shit”.

5.0   Miscellaneous stuff. |

5.1   What are the Carmageddon sites on the web?
I’ll get around to it when I have spare time.

But, here are a few: One of the first unofficial sites on the ‘net, has almost everything you need in regards to Carmageddon.  Another good site.

5.2   What official programs for Carmageddon exist?

In terms of commercial programs, there’s the Carmageddon Splat Pack, an expansion pack that gives you 18 more tracks, 15 new cars (although two of them are simple redesigns from the previous Carmageddon), and some new things to run over.  It also has 3dfx support, including drivers for 3dfx Carmageddon.

5.3   What third party programs exist for Carmageddon?
See for all the details.

5.4   The Carmageddon 2 Wish list!

Vehicles we’d like to see:
-M1Abrams Tank
-A bus (for added touch, the drivers would conspicuously look like Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock) (editor’s note: did anyone but me notice that Max Damage and Die Anna kinda parallel Mickey and Mallory from “Natural Born Killers”?)
-Ice cream truck (complete with eerily irritating music)
-Fire truck
-Kamikaze motorbike rider (blows himself up, adjacent vehicles, and pedestrians when in range)

Things we’d like to run over:
-Cheerleaders (we can run over football players, but no cheerleaders?)

Maps/scenarios we’d like to see:
-Amusement parks

Things we’d like to see in the game:
-Parental guidance lock just like in Duke Nukem 3D
-Map editor (may be difficult, though, although it did work for Quake).
-More on-line support (, etc.)
-Better Windows ’95 support
-Completely re-written 3D engine.

5.5   Hopes for future versions of this FAQ

-Everything in the proper order
-Information on wait-for-it animations during car selection menu
-Figure out what the hell “Pedestrians from Hades” does
-More concrete guide to scoring
-Some ANSI-art
-Strategies for multi-player games

5.6   Revision history

0.1 Feb 17, 1998:  Carmageddon FAQ posted on-line to

1.0  Added information on the correct use of wheel-spin (thanks, guys), section on command line arguments.

6.0   Acknowledgements |

This section is conspicuously small.  Of course, thanks to SCI/Interplay for putting out one of the best games of ’97 and to anyone who adds information to this FAQ in the future.  Also, acknowledgements to the maintainer of the other FAQ, available on

Giles Copnell
S Page

I think the 3D acceleration requires 3DFX Voodoo, not Voodoo Rush.  I
believe Voodoo Rush is the Voodoo with some support for on-board VGA.

Start the game with -nocutscenes option to avoid the intro, ending, and
"race completed" movies.