Well, being that I only have 5 megabytes of space to work with (and I'm not willing to put up gaudy looking banners just so I can get an extra megabyte of webspace), and that there are a zillion other South Park sites to download fun stuff from, I'm just offering the stuff that I haven't seen so far.

Most of the stuff you will find under my own download page will be images that I have personally scanned or images that I have manipulated or doctored, like the one showing the South Park kids against a British Columbia wilderness photo.  If I happen to do any sketches of South Park (ie: the kids of South Park drawn as members of Kiss), I'll post it.

Click on thumbnails to download the larger image.
Wizard, April 1998 

It's Cartman chowing down on Cheesy Poofs!  Scanned from Wizard #80, the South Park variant cover.

Rolling Stone, Feb 19 1998. 

Painstakingly scanned in two parts, pieced together, and touched up.

Spin, March 1998 

South Park parody cover, obviously mocking the Janet Jackson cover of Rolling Stone.  Painstakingly scanned in two parts and touched up.

Newsweek, March 23, 1998. 

Featuring our four favorite heroes and an in depth article.

My homemade South Park image!  This image was put together using Photoshop, an old B.C. Nature calendar, and the South Park stickers that were included with Wizard #80.

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Big fat-assed disclaimer: South Park and all related characters are trademarked and copyrighted.  I'm not too sure who owns the copyright (it's either Comedy Central or Trey Parker and Matt Stone), but at any rate, they're copyrighted.  Images have been used without permission, but have only been used for review purposes, so PUH-lease treat the images with respect.