Les Claypool
I’m goin’ down to South Park gonna have myself a time...
Stan and Kyle
Friendly faces everywhere… 
humble folks without temptation… 
Goin’ down to South Park,  gonna leave my woes behind...  Les Claypool Ample parking day or night, people spouting howdy neighbour...  Cartman
Les Claypool
Headin’ on up to South Park, gonna see if I can’t unwind... 
Les Claypool
So come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine! 
 *Yes, I am aware of what Kenny is supposed to be saying at the beginning credits!  See "Songs of South Park" for more details!

Welcome to my own page dedicated to Comedy Central's demented show about four lovealble, foul-mouthed scamps and their adventures.  Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the show is quickly becoming one of the biggest shows in adult oriented animation since The Simpsons and Beavis & Butt-Head.

Pick yer poison.

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