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Stan Marsh 

On the whole, he's a good natured kid.  Often confused by the little questions regarding life, he has a really hard time being taken seriously and getting answers from anyone, mostly because he's just an 8-year old.  He also takes the term "lovesick" to extremes...when ever he develops a crush on someone, he immediately expells the contents of his stomach.

Kyle Broslofski 

The resident religious minority, he's a Jewish kid who is subject to some taunts due of that.  He's an okay kid too, and is a bit more of an individual that you are led to believe.  His parents are very opressive and strict, which often washes onto Kyle's peers (his mom ended up cancelling their favorite television show and almost ruining Christmas).  Being an A+ student doesn't seem to earn him very many favors among his folks, though.

Eric Cartman 

He's a fat, beligerent, and insensitive, but for some odd reason, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny manage to put up with him.  He has no sense of values and is always out for instant gratification, and is easily pacified (albeit, temporariliy) with Snacky Cakes or Cheesy Poofs.  His mother constantly smothers him by giving him what he wants, and constantly re-inforces his belief that's he's not actually fat, but he's really big boned.

Kenny McCormic 


With these words always following his demise, Kenny is the all-too-often murdered citizen of South Park.  He's an okay kid.  He comes from a poor, alcoholic family, but he might turn out be the smartest (or most dirty minded) member of the group...if only we could figure out what the hell he was saying and if he'd survive long enough to tell us.

Chef (voiced by Isaac Hayes) 

As his name implies, he tries to make sure that "School food is good food."  While supplying the children of South Park Elementary with vital nutrition, he also instills the kids with lots of wisdom and advice...although he does tend to draw the line at certain topics ("I'm not touching that one with a 40-foot pole," he says in response to Stan's question on euthanasia).  While singing his soul-man songs and seducing the ladies, he shows that he might actually be the only intelligent regular adult character in all of South Park.

Mr. Garrison 

He's a teacher in South Park Elementary, but his classes seem to consist of lessons of what's going on in the entertainment industry.  The debate on whether he's gay or not rages on (he claims it's so he can get chicks), one thing's for sure...he's just not a very good teacher.  He seems to suffer from a split-personality disorder, with his puppet hand, Mr. Hat, developing a mind of his own, which Mr. Garrison often confides in.

Wendy Testaburger 

She's the girl of Stan's dreams...and constantly gets vomited on when she tries to kiss him.  She seems to be an awfully sweet, kind, and caring young girl...the kind that all the boys had crushes on in the fourth grade.  But like all of the other kids of South Park, she also has a big mean streak, which was prominently displayed when she hired Middle-Eastern soldiers to murder a substitute teacher that Stan had a crush on.

Jesus Christ 

This is what Christianity has been reduced to.  The primary moral authority in South Park, he hosts his own phone-in talk show, "Jesus and Pals," giving advice to people and acting like a real pompous ass while he's doing it.  However, despite being the son of God, he doesn't always get the respect he deserves. 

Principal Victoria 

Like all of the other adult characters in South Park, she is completely clueless.  She's the one who "runs" South Park Elementary and oversees the kids education...which is why they're all doomed to stay in South Park, Colorado for the rest of their lives.  Although she did succeed in hiring a substitute teacher that actually cared for the kids' education, she believed that the teacher was a Middle-Eastern war criminal and allowed her to be taken away and executed.

Officer Barbrady 

Other police officers are sworn to Serve and Protect...he's sworn to patronize and annoy.  Despite being the one of the biggest authority figures in South Park, he doesn't seem to be doing much, apart from give the old "Move along folks, there's nothing to see here."  He's not very bright, and with such incompetent law enforcement, it's a big surprise that South Park is not overrun with crime.

Pip (a.k.a. Phillip) 

Nobody really seems to like this kid very much.  A rich British exchange student ("I'll pay $50 for one!"), he's a good kid, but he is constantly picked on by his peers, especially Cartman.  He takes on a passive attitude when dealing with abuse by his peers, a stance which was recommended by the incompetent school counsellor.  He takes every single bit of abuse...being spat upon, farted upon, and set on fire...all in stride.

Uncle Ned and Jimbo 

Uncle Ned (left) is Stan's gun-toting uncle, while Jimbo (right) is a half-crazy Vietnam war veteran with a missing arm and a so-called "Cancer Kazoo" (a little do-hickey that allows throat/larynx cancer victims to talk).  The most paranoid individuals of South Park, they have been the contributing factor in at least three of Kenny's horrible deaths.

Terence & Phillip 

As fictional characters in the kids' favorite TV show, they seem to be a parody of another cartoon show depicting two young men sitting on a couch and farting on each other.  Animated in a fashion that looks even cruder than South Park, it also serves to satire common ideas on protecting children from television.  They were also the focus of an elaborate April Fool's episode of South Park entitled "Not Without My Anus."


"The crazy cracker from up on the hill", he's the guy who wishes to create something useful in the name of genetic engineering, but only ends up creating chaos.  Or, at least in one episode, when he created an evil clone of Stan.

Mrs. Crabtree

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