South Park: The Spirit of Christmas

What's it about: In this 5-minute short, Jesus Christ tries to sway the kids of South Park over to his side, as he is upset over the loss of meaning over Christmas.  Attempting to unseat Santa Claus as the official mascot of Christmas (after all, it IS Jesus' birthday), the ending result is a hilarious battle royale between Jesus Christ and Santa Claus, with a lot of innocent children (Kenny included) being killed in the process.

Pop Culture References:
 -Mortal Kombat

Celebrity References:

Defining Quote: "Dude, don't say pig-f***er in front of Jesus!"  -Stan

Kenny's Death Scene: Santa Claus summons a fireball (kinda like Ryu in Street Fighter) and throws it at Jesus, who evades it, causing the fireball to decapitate Kenny.

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