South Park: Cartman Gets an Anal Probe

What's it about: Exactly as the title implies, Cartman has an alien anal probe.  However, he refuses to believe it's anything other than a dream, even after Kyle's little brother Ike gets kidnapped by the aliens.  During this time, Cartman farts fire on his classmates, and even has a mechanical eyeball come out of his ass, which later turns into a huge satellite dish.  While Chef awaits the visit from the aliens, Kyle must get his brother back, or else he will be in big trouble from his parents.

Things to watch out for:
 -The side of Officer Barbrady's car says "To Patronize and Annoy"
 -The letters on the top of the chalkboard are in their correct order.
 -Cartman's "Kitty's being a dildo" comment is edited out on Canadian versions.

Pop Culture References:

Celebrity References: David Caruso (Ike does an impersonation of David Caruso's career...a headfirst dive), Scott Baio, Tom Selleck.

Defining Quote: "Hey, you scrawny ass s***s!  What the f*** is wrong with you?!?!  You must be some kind of ********* to ignore a crying child!"  -Kyle

Kenny's Death Scene: Gets incinerated by the aliens.  He seems to be okay, then he gets mowed down by cows, then gets hit by a squad car driven by Officer Barbrady.

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