South Park: Weight Gain 4000

What's it about: Kathy Lee Gifford is coming to South Park!  As part of a big speech contest which Cartman cheated to win, all the citizens of South Park are gearing up for the big televised event.  Cartman is preparing by bulking up on Weight Gain 4000, while the Mayor realizes it is her chance to blow that pop-stand.  However, Mr. Garrison is still stinging from the talent contest that he participated in with Kathy Lee when they were kids.  Bitter from the memories of being upstaged, he plans to kill the beloved talk show host.

Things to watch out for:
 -Cartman says to Wendy, "If dolphins are so smart, then why do they live in igloos?"  Wendy later finds that comment written on her essay paper.
 -Previous ep. reference: Spirit of Christmas, where they say to Cartman, "When people see you, they say, god DAMN, that's one fat ass!" (In SoXmas, Stan says, "Goddamn, what a fat f***")

Pop Culture References:
 -Scooby Doo ("And I would've gotten away with it too...if it wasn't for those meddling kids." -Mr. Garrison)

Celebrity References:
 -Kathy Lee Gifford
 -Geraldo Riviera

Defining Quote: "Follow your dreams.  You can reach your goals.  I'm living proof.  Beefcake.  BEEFCAKE!!!"  -Cartman

Kenny's Death Scene: Kenny gets shot at, then gets his head impaled on the flagpole.

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