South Park: Volcano

What's it about: It's hunting season!  Stan's Uncle Ned is taking them all out to teach them the joys of hunting, drinking, and shooting defenseless animals.  While they learn to shoot weapons, Stan is at odds with his uncle for refusing to shoot a defenseless animal, leading to Uncle Ned and Vietnam war vet Jimbo taking a liking to Kenny.  However, the town of South Park is preparing for the impending eruption of the volcano...but the town mayor is more concerned over looking good for the camera.

Pop Culture References:
 -Volcano (the flop of a movie starring Tommy Lee Jones)
 -Hard Copy, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight.
 -Step by Step (TV)

Celebrity References:
 -Patrick Duffy

Defining Quote: "It's a <insert name of endangered species here>...AND IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR US!"  -Uncle Ned, before shooting any helpless animal.

Kenny's Death Scene: Gets crushed by molten rock, but emerges unscathed. "No, I'm okay," says Kenny before catching on fire and being rolled over by the molten rock.  He comes back, then is later shot in the chest by a stray bullet after Jimbo drops his gun and it goes off.

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