South Park: Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride

What's it about: In the midst of the important little league football game which would break their miserable losing streak, Stan has a problem.  His dog Sparky, as it turns out, is a homosexual.  This is made apparent when Cartman's dog challenges Stan's dog to a fight.  "Kick his ass," Stan says.  Much to their horror, he's not kicking his ass, but doing something else to it.  Each of Stan's attempts to correct the problem meet with failure, leading him to Big Gay Al's Boogie Wonderland.  Meanwhile, South Park Elementary's football team is getting completely slaughtered.

Pop Culture References:

Celebrity References:
 -George Clooney (as the voice of Sparky), John Stamos (or, at least his brother)

Defining Quote: "It's okay to be gay."  -Stan

Kenny's Death Scene: Gets his arms, legs, and head torn off by the Middle Park football team.

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