South Park: Pink Eye

What's it about: After dying early in the episode, Kenny is taken to the morgue, only to be resurrected as a brain-hungry zombie.  After infecting the two coroners with zombie-itis, the condition rapidly spreads, with the doctor misdiagnosing the condition as pink eye.  While this happens, South Park organizes its annual Hallowe'en costume contest, with the big prize being two tons of candy.  Intent on winning, Stan dresses up as Raggedy Andy, hoping Wendy will dress up as Raggedy Ann (she dresses up as Chewbacca instead); Cartman dresses up as Adolf Hitler (much to the chagrin of Kenny and Chef); and Kyle dresses up as Chewbacca (like all the other kids of South Park).  After Wendy wins, upsetting Stan, the kids ditch Wendy and go trick or treating.  This leads to a big showdown between the kids and the zombies of South Park.  In a manic chainsaw waving sequence, zombies get decapitated, and Kenny dies.  Again.  And again.

Things to notice:
 -Different opening sequence

Celebrity References: Edward James Olmos, Tina Yothers, Evel Knievel, Elvis Presley, Jackie Collins.

Defining Quote: "Dressing up like Hitler in school isn't cool!"  -Puffy the Bear

Pop Culture References:
 -Michael Jackson's Thriller
 -Night of the Living Dead
 -Star Wars trilogy
Kenny's Death Scene: He gets crushed by the MIR space station after it falls out of orbit.  He then gets resurrected as a zombie, then gets killed by Kyle, to which he responds, "Oh my God...I KILLED KENNY!  You bastard!"  Then, all stitched up and ready for the sequel, Kenny busts out of his grave, only to be crushed by a falling statue and a crashing airplane.  

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