South Park: Starvin' Marvin

What's it about: Thanksgiving is approaching, and the kids of South Park come across a commercial to sponsor a child in a third world country.  They initially are against it, until they find out they'll get a digital sports watch if they do it.  Unfortunately, instead of sending a watch, they send over an impoverished Ethiopian kid, who they all name Starvin' Marvin.  Meanwhile, the resident mad scientist inadvertently creates mutant turkeys, that multiply and terrorize South Park.  As Chef organizes the citizens to fight back, Cartman inadvertently gets sent to Ethiopia instead of Starvin' Marvin, and struggles to find his way back to South Park.

Things to watch out for:
 -Despite being Jewish, Kyle is seen eating ham.

Pop Culture References:
 -Braveheart (letterbox edition)

Celebrity References:
 -Sally Struthers
 -Vanessa Redgraves
 -Englebert Humperdinck (the first man on the moon?)

Defining Quote: "Every turkey dies...not every turkey truly lives."  -Chef

Kenny's Death Scene: Gets his eyes ripped out by mutant turkeys.

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