South Park: Mr Hankey: The Christmas Poo

What's it about: As Christmas approaches, the South Park kids practice the Christmas play.  Kyle initially plays the role of Joseph in the nativity scene, although he is quickly yanked as his mother protests his presence in the play (they are Jewish and they don't celebrate Christmas).  While Christmas falls victim to political correctness (they are eventually forced to remove the Christmas lights because they offend those with epilepsy), they search for a new Christmas icon.  While they search for a new icon, Kyle suggests Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo, a singing, dancing piece of crap.  Unfortunately, no one believes that this thing actually exists, eventually leading to Kyle being committed.

Stuff to watch out for:
 -Kenny can be heard saying "That's the sickest thing I've ever seen."
 -Kyle's mom is named Sheila, while in "Death", her name is Carol.
 -While the research group is testing to see what words are not offensive, the test subjects have lights hooked up to their heads to measure how offended people are.  One participant manages to get offended by the word "words" even before the test begins.

Pop Culture References:
 -A Charlie Brown Christmas
 -The Warner Brothers cartoons that feature that singing and dancing frog that only one character can see.
 -Dr. Seuss' The Grinch That Stole Christmas

Celebrity References: John Elway, Phillip Glass.

Defining Quote: "Hey, don't force your beliefs on me, mister!"  -Anonymous South Park resident.

Kenny's Death Scene: Not applicable.  Even after having two opportunities to die (electrocution and shark attack), he manages to go through the entire episode unscathed.

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