South Park: Damien

What's it about: Cartman's birthday is coming up.  Being the greedy little son-of-a-bitch that he is, he tells people what he wants ("You don't tell people what to get you for your birthday, that's weak!" -Kyle).  Not on the invite list is Damien, a new kid who has a tendency to set things on fire with a snap of his fingers.  He also happens to be the son of Satan, bringing a message from his father.  Satan is challenging Jesus to a big fight, to be broadcast on Pay Per View.

Things to watch out for:
 -Cartman asks for the Green Megaman, but later asks for the Blue one instead.
 -Chef doesn't address Cartman by name, just "children".

Pop Culture References:
 -The Prophesy
 -Star Trek: First Contact

Celebrity References:
 -Don King (Satan's manager)
 -Nancy Kerrigan

Defining Quote: "What kids need more than anything is support."  -Stan

Kenny's Death Scene: Gets shot in the head by Uncle Jimbo and Ned. 

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