South Park: Mecha Streisand

What's it about: In a field trip to an archaeological dig site, the kids of South Park look for arrowheads.  Cartman finds one, only to throw it away, later wanting it back when they discover it is actually an alien artifact.  Barbara Streisand is on a mad quest for world domination and needs the alien artifact to combine it with another artifact to gain immense power.  After kidnapping the kids and stealing the artifact, she takes on the form of a giant mechanical lizard, nearly destroying South Park and beating Sidney Poitier and Leonard Maltin (in the forms of Gamera and Ultraman, respecitvely), they have one last hope: Robert Smith, the lead singer of The Cure!

Stuff to watch out for:
 -Previous episode reference: "Cartman gets an Anal Probe" (ep #101): Cartman sees a helicopter, cries out "ALIENS!" and covers his butt.
 -Previous episode reference: "Starvin' Marvin'" (ep #108), "Pink Eye" (ep #107), "Volcano" (ep #103): "After devastation by volcanoes, zombies, and mutant turkeys, the town of South Park has finally been rebuilt..." <Mecha Streisand smashes a building> "Aw, Goddammit!"  -South Park newscaster.
 -Ultra-Leonard Maltin gets rohambeau-ed by Mecha Streisand.
Pop Culture References:
 -Godzilla and various monsters (Mechagodzilla the cyborg lizard, Mothra the giant butterfly, Gamera the turtle).
 -Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
 -Ultraman (Japanese pop culture icon)
 -Aliens ("My mom says there's no such thing as monsters..." -Stan, as well as Mecha Streisand's death scene)
 -In the Heat of the Night

Celebrity References:
 -Robert Smith (lead singer of The Cure) as himself, Barbara Streisand, Sally Struthers, Sidney Poitier, Leonard Maltin (Entertainment Tonight's movie critic), Fiona Apple, John Elway.

Defining Quote: "People who try to gain a lot of power...usually end up dead." -Kyle.

Kenny's Death Scene: Amidst all the carnage and destruction, he suddenly decides to play tether ball, then somehow strangles himself against the pole.

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