South Park: Cartman's Mom's a Dirty Slut (a.k.a. "Cliffhanger")

What's it about: What's wrong with Cartman?  We all know that he's spoiled, fat, and beligerent, but why?  One day, he happens to get a little loopy and start having tea parties with his toys.  Kyle, Stan, and Kenny make a tape of this to determine his condition, as suggested by the school counsellor, but suddenly have a change of heart when they learn they can win $10,000 from America's Stupidest Home Videos.  While they do this, Cartman goes to various people to find out who his real father is.  What he finds out is that his mom is a real big slut.

Things to Watch Out For:
 -When Mr. Garrison calls out to anyone who HASN'T slept with Miss Cartman, there are shots of various characters looking sheepish and guilty.  Among the guilty parties are Principal Victoria (!), The Mayor (!!), The Priest (!!!), and Jesus Christ (!!!!).
 -When Cartman is by himself, Chef calls him "children".
 -Previous episode reference: "Death" (ep #106): Grampa Marsh is still carrying around a noose everywhere he goes

Pop Culture References:
 -America's Funniest Home Videos
 -Full House
 -The love song supposedly sounds like the Titanic love theme, "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion

Celebrity References:
 -Jay Leno (as the voice of Kitty)
 -Bob Saget

Defining Quote: "If you don't have a dad, you're a bastard."  -Sign inside the counsellor's office.

Kenny's Death Scene: Gets dragged along by a go-cart for a kilometer or so (while screaming a mouthful of obscenities), but comes to stop on a railroad track, only to get smooshed by the oncoming train. 

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