South Park: Not Without My Anus

What It's About: We knew this was coming.  Of course we knew that they weren't about to reveal Cartman's father.  What we weren't expecting was to watch "Terence & Phillip: Not Without My Anus".  In an inane April Fools joke, Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided to show us the made for TV movie that was advertised for on "Cliffhanger" (#113).  Amidst farts, farts, and more farts, prosecution lawyer Scott is out to kill Terence & Phillip, so he hatches an elaborate scheme to send Terence & Phillip to Tehran to rescue Terence's kidnapped daughter while Saddam Hussein slowly takes over Canada.  However, Canada does have one last line of defence: Terence & Phillip!

Things to Watch Out For:
 -Scott is literally a "dick head" (his head is shaped like the head of a penis).
 -The bogus credits at the end of the show, including Celine Dion's body double and assistant to John Cusack.
 -They didn't screw up the lyrics to "Oh, Canada."
 -Despite the fact that Canada doesn't have capital punishment, Phillip is saved from the gas chamber.
 -Scott pronounces "about" as "aboot", but doesn't finish any sentence with the word "'eh".
 -Previous episode reference: "Cliffhanger" (#113): Various clips from the end of the episode.

Pop Culture References:
 -Beavis & Butt-Head
 -The Jerry Springer Show
 -the Canadian Football League (go Roughriders!)
 -The O.J. Simpson murder trial (despite overwhelming evidence, the accused is acquitted).

Celebritiy References:
 -Celine Dion, John Cusack

Defining Quote: "No, you're a dick!"  -Repeated back and forth between Scott and Phillip. 

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