Thoughts: It's the comic book equivalent of Saving Private Ryan. Remember that feeling of dread you got when you knew a character you grew to like was going to die? Same deal here.

Nobody is safe in this book. I mean nobody. Not only is the team leader constantly entertaining thoughts of suicide, Saint Anna's healing powers are only good for so much. Add this to the internal strife, and you have one of the more unpredictable books on the market.

That being said, the new X-Force is absolutely top notch. Finally giving us a little more insight into the characters, they are realistic (as much as one can get in a comic book) and fun to watch. Even the more despicable characters...

U-Go Girl is proving to be a particularly unpleasant character. All but threatening to kill The Orphan after halting a suicide attempt within the first five pages of the book, then going on to question his every command decision, then belittling him for showing emotion after a devastating mistake is made, she is really a character you love to hate, possibly setting her up as the team villain.

However, there is much more to her. A scared little girl trying to bury it all under the trappings of fame. Someone extremely vulnerable. Someone we will eventually learn to accept and even which point the creative team will likely have her killed in a vicious manner...

Still, not all is gloom and doom. Even though the characters are constantly reminded of their survival rate, there is room for some great dialogue which tells us tons about the character. Unfortunately, this makes us dread for their demise even more, which we will likely see within the next few issues...

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"And Then There Were Six"
written by Peter Milligan
art by M.D. "Doc" Allred
July 2001

Short summary: Taking a cue from current events, X-Force must rescue young Paco Perez (think Elian Gonzales) from the republic of Bastrona. This is the first big test for The Orphan, although we quickly realize why he doesn't want to be leader: there are some very, very tough decisions that come with it.

Like convincing a stubborn teammate to dispose of a fallen comrade's body...

A little too much information for Phat's taste.

Art is absolutely solid in this issue. Along with great facial expressions (as seen above), this also lends to some wonderfully grotesque renderings, especially with Phat's special abilities.

And another cliffhanger ending...can't wait for the next one.

Are you still sure that you want to be team leader, Edie?