Thoughts: Well, at least they didn't get rid of anyone we got a chance to get to know and like in this issue. Admittedly one of the last ones expected to go out, but that's how the book goes.

Yes, Saint Anna, the softspoken Latino healer that didn't say a heck of a whole lot gets taken out of action in the first half of the book. Permanently.

Being that her powers were never of much use (as it is, she only was able to use her powers to destroy her own body when she died), she probably won't be missed too much. However, one can only question the logic of sending someone like that into a combat situation.

However, this made for a rather poignant moment where The Orphan confronts Anna's father in Argentina for a heartfelt reunion of sorts.

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"What's One Life?"
written by Peter Milligan
art by Zane Michael D. Allred
August 2001

Short summary: With Bloke being fatally shot in the previous issue and another member looking to leave the team on an involuntary basis, Paco's rescue mission is looking more and more like a wild goose chase at best.

Especially since Coach is starting to reveal his hidden agenda for sending his team on such dangerous missions. This could get ugly, folks.

Those curious as to The Coach's callous attitude to the rapid decline in membership of the team get a major revelation in this issue. Turns out that the Paco Perez rescue mission had motivations that were more financial than political, which means our heroes are nothing more than pawns in a big chess game.

This leads to speculation as to why all but three of the team were systematically eliminated in the beginning of the story, only to be subsequently replaced without so much fanfare (press conferences notwithstanding). This is the new X-Force at its best.

There is significantly more at stake. Now it is more than just a popularity contest, but the end result of having little control over one's destiny. The Coach is pulling the'll be interesting to see if they are pulled in all directions.

However, given the bombshell dropped by the cliffhanger ending...

While not without his flaws, The Orphan is not without his loyal followers either.

Somehow, The Orphan doesn't find this particularly reassuring.

Thankfully, The Orphan is starting to gain some level of support from his teammates.

Despite losing two members on the mission, he has earned their trust (or, at least the trust of the three members picutred on the left). Trust is an extremely difficult commodity to come by, especially with The Coach sending the team on what are essentially suicide missions, plus with the other things that come with life on the team.