Thoughts: With Coach no longer being pawn to Spike Freeman, he is free to manipulate everyone else. I mean everyone. Having failed in his attempt to use The Orphan in his attempt to exploit Paco Perez for financial gain, the only thing to do is manipulate the ratings. So, he goes after Phat and The Vivisector to convince them to shake things up a little. For what purposes? Unknown, but we can expect because it is good for ratings or they want to clear out the roster. Again.

Which brings us to prospective member, who shares Spike Freeman's namesake. Adding yet another layer of racial flavour to the team isn't really a factor for team leader The Orphan, who feels, "He or she has to be the best, regardless of color, sex, creed, or mutation."

Making it that much funnier when he flip-flops and tries selling the idea of having Spike on the team on a trial basis to his teammates.

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"Lacuna pt.1: Captain Coconut"
written by Peter Milligan
art by Michael Allred
December, 2001

Short summary: Who is Lacuna? With Edie's hats changing every panel and dead fish appearing out of nowhere, it looks like someone's trying to pull something wierd. Possibly the antics of a new member? Given their survival rate, it probably couldn't hurt.

But then, they first have to decide whether or not they want prospective member Spike to be on the team. Everyone has their concerns, as expected.

With Spike's arrival, the issue of race rears its ugly head...but it's not quite what one would expect.

With Coach out of the way, Freeman now goes directly to the source.

Social activist Woodstock (A.K.A. "Lacuna") is a bit of a cutie and promises to add some extra level of dimension to the team -- that is, if they can find a spot for her (but given their high fatatlity rate, that shouldn't be much of an issue.). Troughout the issue, she plays the prankster, trying to gain notice on the team by pulling weird little practical jokes and leaving her name in paint on the walls (how she got into the room with U-Go Girl and The Orphan on page 13, we'll probably never know).

While we don't know much about her yet, she is a complete odd-ball in comparison to the rest, not likely to seek fame and fortune like the rest.

She is potentially one of the more likeable members of the team (which probably means that she'll be killed in action pretty soon), even if she does fall outside of the grand scheme...whatever that is.

Provided that she doesn't jump into that swimming pool full of boiling acid, though...

However, it's not before yet another press conference, which Spike crashes after nitially not selected for active duty. This introduces some new character dynamics for The Anarchist, who is no longer much more than just the resident bad boy.

All the characters are deeply flawed to some degree, although many hide it better than others. Up until this point, The Anarchist was one of the more disagreeable characters, getting in everyone's face and playing the team. What happens a few pages after backing down from a fist fight with Spike? He also suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. U-Go Girl catches him in the act, washing his hands repeatedly.

Cute, but naive.