Thoughts: At least no one died in this issue (although nitpickers may notice that the swimming pool that was once full of boiling acid in the previous issue is now completely clear).

Breaking the hearts of several fans (okay, mine), they did the unexpected by having a member quit voluntarily for a change. This is refreshing, as we have become a little used to (or numb to) having members being systematically being offed.

But otherwise, this issue gives us a little more time with bad-boy Anarchist and a little insight into his insecurities, having developed OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) as a child while being raised by well-meaning caucasian foster-parents.

No longer the bad-boy that we are used to, this is Anarchist is at his most vulnerable. Especially since there really is no room for two black guys on the team. Hence, as of #122, The Anarchist is officially running scared.

While most people wouldn't think much about having more than one resident minority on the team, it matters to Tike. After all, with a second black team member, it will only be some time before he is packing his bags. Permanently.

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"Lacuna pt.2: Larry King Has
the Flu"
written by Peter Milligan
art by Michael Allred
January 2002

Short summary: The naive Lacuna has different ideas of the team -- so different that she desparately wants to become part of it. So desparately, that she threatens suicide if she doesn't.

However, she does have her one chance, which she will exploit to the fullest once Edie Sanyers (AKA U-Go Girl) does her guest spot on the Larry King show to interview former prospective team member, Spike.

Which is also an opportunity for Phat and Vivisector to grab some of the spotlight...

Most young people would do anything to have parents like this!

Not as tough as he projects.

An interesting side note is a new side revealed to Doop as a result of Lacuna's powers. As Lacuna attempts to gain team membership by freely jumping out of time and deciding what items to misplace, Doop watches in complete wonder while the rest of the team is frozen in time.

Soon after, Phat and Vivisector are still trying to steal a little bit more of the limelight by engaging in some behaviour worthy of tabloid attention. Last issue showed them picking fights with teammates, but now they're taking it the next step farther.

Causing a little more trouble than usual, they are later reprimanded by The Orphan -- not that they have a problem with that!

Lacuna, the slightly desperate mutant prankster that is taking the whole thing way too seriously, has what could be one of the most useful powers in the team, considering their mortality rate. As she is able to exist both in and out of time, she can freely manipulate the outcomes of events to her choosing.

She is an absolute hoot, but even more so is her tenuous relationship with her extremely liberal parents (after all, who else could name their daughter "Woodstock"?). However, given her parent's outright approval of just about everything she does, her future with the team is in doubt (okay, she's the one who voluntarily quits the team right after being accepted as a member).

The perfect way for a mutant to start the day.