Thoughts: While Darwyn Cooke's art is certainly competent, all of the lines are thicker than usual, yielding significantly less detail. This is distracting, especially when compared to Michael Allred's artwork. But, as this is a stand-alone issue (gearing up for the four-issue storyline) and just coming off another self-contained story, this is acceptable.

But, this is not to say that the artwork is bad - the flatly coloured flashback sequences are the artistic highlights of the issue. Despite the somewhat lackluster artwork, this issue has some of the best writing seen in the book so far. Allowing us to revisit the family that Edie left behind before joining X-Force, including a daughter who believes that Edie is actually her older sister

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"Edie and Guy Finally Do It"
written by Peter Milligan
art by Darwyn Cooke (guest)
March 2002

Short summary: After jeopardizing the lives of her teammates by inadvertently teleporting them into the ocean (oops), Edie's standing with the team is in jeopardy. After giving one week to ship-up-or-ship-out, Guy decides to help her out by having both of them "do it".

That is, go on a road trip so Edie can be reunited with her family and get to the bottom of her emotional problems

Don't get your hopes's only PG-rated.

While further developing the relationship between Edie and Guy, this is really Edie's issue. Coming across as a very unlikable individual in the first few issues, she is a little more sympathetic. Even though she wants to tell her daughter the truth, Edie's mom convinces her otherwise - a wise move, especially considering the average life span of an X-Force member.

Edie's family life is less than idyllic, although not really dysfunctional. While having an indifferent father figure (mostly due to the circumstances surrounding her conception), she still does have a caring mom, who took care of Edie's daughter while she was still a teenager (and, while she subsequently left home).

Finally coming to terms with her turbulent past makes for interesting speculation as to how she will deal with her teammates. As it is, her relationship with Guy is coming in to full bloom. Although, we know better than to get too attached, given the fact that one of them could very well die in the next four issues...

Edie Sawyer: The new Wendy's spokesperson?
Guest artist Darwyn Cooke uses a distinctly different style for flashbacks.