What if Xavier's dream finally came true?

For years, mutants — individuals born with genetic aberrations, causing superhuman abilities and sometimes even disfigurement — have lived in fear of persecution from humans. Professor Charles Xavier, himself a mutant, has been fighting for his dream of peaceful co-existence between mutants and humans for most of his life. It appears, though, that his dream has finally come to fruition.

In one of the most bizarre takes on Marvel's X-Men comic universe comes what is best described as The Uncanny X-Men mixed with Survivor. These are mutant heroes who are not only accepted by society, but are making their living doing so.

This leads to interesting twists, as it is no longer about protecting a world that fears and hates them, rather getting on camera doing something heroic, and in the hopes that this will lead to a three-picture movie deal with 21st Century Fox, or at least an endorsement for Nike.

Sure, Charles Xavier's dream of mutants peacefully co-existing with humans may have finally come true. However, any benefit from this has long since been forgotten.

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