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"One of Us"
written by Peter Milligan
art by M.D. Allred
April 2002

Short summary: While searching for their newest recruit, Dead Girl, old-school members Tike, Guy, and Edie meet the harbinger of death in a crypt. Given their life span, it was only a matter of time. Of course, they still don't know who it was pointing at.

Of course, given that they are going to go on their most dangerous mission yet, we could figure out sooner than we think...

Gratitous flesh exposure side, the three original members are officially running scared now.

Back in 1963, young Peter Parker did the wrong thing, neglecting to stop a robber, who eventually killed his uncle. Taking the easy way out led to disaster. Flash forward to 2001, where Guy Smith rescued young Paco Perez from a laboratory (#119). Instead of turning him to the authorities, where his body would be harvested for medical experimentation, Guy set him free.

This upset a lot of financial backers, who claim that they were going to use Paco's biochemistry to potentially cure life threatening illnesses

Guy Smith and Peter Parker should go out for beer.

Uh oh...

Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, X-Force is manipulated into taking their most dangerous mission ever. This doesn't sit to well with Guy too well, or the others, who feel that they are doing this as a result of Guy taking an action without their input.

This especially does not sit too well with Edie, Guy, or Tike, because they know that their number could be up real soon.

Thing is, the harbinger of death paid them a visit when they went on their recruiting drive for their newest member. Unfortunately, any of them could be next.

This is X-Force at its best. Not only satirizing popular culture (as it is, they won't be known as X-Force for much longer, being that they technically don't own the company name and have to pay royalties to that other X-Force team), it shows a world that isn't so nice and idealized. Also taking a cue from current events, our favourite disposable mutants quickly find out how welcome their presence is during their most recent mission. "Yankis go home." You don't have to know how to spell to understand that one.

Since the three main characters have progressed so far since the beginning, the impending death of one of them is going to be especially heartbreaking. However, new recruit Dead Girl is likely a big key in this mystery. While her powers are still a mystery (at least until next issue), being that the harbinger of death showed up in her place of residence.

Or, it could be something completely unexpected, and our heroes might live to see another issue.